01-Absence policy & Procedure

02-Accident & Emergency policy

03-Additional Support Needs Policy

04-Administration of Medication Procedure

05-Admissions and Settling in policy

06-Adult Protection Policy & Procedure

07-Allergy policy

08-Annual leave policy

09-Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy

10-Behaviour Management

11-Capability Procedure

12-Child Protection Policy Statement

12-Child-Protection Policy

13-Closure Procedures

14-Complaints Policy

15-Confidentiality Policy

16-Critical Incidents Policy

17-Curriculum Policy

18-Daily Routine Procedure

19-Disciplinary Procedure and Policy

20-Emergency procedure policy

21-Equal Opportunitites

22-Expense policy

23-Fee Collection and Payment policy

24-GDPR policy

25-Grievance Policy and Procedure

26-Health and Safety Policy

27-Healthy Eating Policy

28-Helmet Use Policy and Procedure

29-Infection Control Procedure

30-Lone worker policy

31-Maternity policy for pregnant staff

32-Missing Child Procedure

33-Mobile Phone use policy

34-Nappy Changing Procedure

35-Outdoor Play (car park) policy & procedure

36-Outings Policy

37-Parental Involvement Policy

37-Parental Involvement Policy

38-Personal Care Plan Policy

39-Probationary period policy

40-Procedure in the Kitchen

41-Procedure in the Toilet42-PVG policy

43-Recruitment Policy

44-Redundancy policy

45-Retirement policy

46-Social Media Guidance Policy

47-Staff appraisal policy and procedure

48-Staff Development Policy

49-Staff with children attending group policy

50-Sun Protection Policy

51-Tooth Brushing Procedure

52-Use of Information Communication Technology & Social Media Policy

53-Whistle Blowing Policy

54-Retention Periods for Documents

55-Room Temperature Policy

56- Responding to symptomatic staff or children

If you have any queries related to our policies please email the playgroup.